She Chose Me

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She Chose Me

MFA Exhibition by Theresah Ankomah


Venue: KNUST Community Center

Duration: Wednesday 31st May – Friday 2nd June

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Yh…she chose me, don’t be jealous she chose me because I evoke channels, path, dialogues…. And places. Like a Wi-Fi, am mostly at so many places, town and villages (Niger, Kumasi, Bolgatanga, Sogakope) at the same time among crafts men and women who often gives me a spy treatment through weaving, farmers and among markets women who always want me to serve as a bodyguard for that guy by name onion and his cousin’s so that he doesn’t go out from the sack. And now to that spy treatment called weaving… Weaving involves interlacing and collectiveness, precise decision and labour. I like to think of the spaces and links and dialogues apparent in the finished material as an interlacing of places and people which evokes curios spiritual anecdotes of trade.

Without a doubt, in the contemporary world of today, where multiplicity, abundance and the need to find new horizon are at play, juxtaposition and multi-spatiality is inevitable. My work embodies the concept of collectiveness, even as the objects and materials I use are woven into forms and sculptures, everyone’s effort is appreciated.

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